Focus and Scope

Callosum Neurology Journal : Jurnal Berkala Neurologi Bali is an official journal managed by The Indonesia Neurological Association Branch of Denpasar. The process of manuscript submission is open throughout the year. All submitted manuscript will be screened with double-blind peer review and editorial review before they are accepted to publish. This journal is published three times a year in January, May, and September and contains original articles of research, case reports, case series reports, literature reviews, and communications from and to editors. This journal accepts manuscripts written in Bahasa Indonesia and English.

Callosum Neurology Journal : Jurnal Berkala Neurologi Bal receives a manuscript from the following area of Neuroscience and Neurology below with interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach:

- Autoimmune Neurology
- Behavioral Neurology
- Child Neurology
- Clinical Neurophysiology
- Critical Care & Emergency Neurology
- Endovascular & Interventional Neurology
- Epilepsy
- General Neurology
- Geriatric Neurology
- Headache & Facial Pain
- Movement Disorders
- Neural Repair & Rehabilitation
- Neuroanatomy
- Neuroendocrinology
- Neuroepidemiology
- Neurogenetics
- Neuroimaging
- Neuro-infectious Disease
- Neuromuscular
- Neuro-oncology
- Neuro-ophthalmology/ Neuro-otology
- Neuropharmacology
- Pain & Palliative Care
- Sleep Medicine
- Stroke & Vascular Neurology